Thursday, March 11, 2021

Tips For Dressing Up Raised Walls and Columns

Homeowners who want to add an air of sophistication and style to their pool and outdoor living areas always have the option to add raised walls and columns for more dimension.


Useful for filling voids such as elevated areas or slopes, this feature helps create more pool design options. And they are a beautiful addition to your outdoor getaway.

Other functional purposes of a raised wall include:

  • Building lower walls
  • Integrate the wall into the pool design
  • Utilize the wall design to house water features
  • Create a statement focal point

No matter whether you want to create a secret passage area with a custom pool grotto or you prefer a crisp design that's modern and fresh, raised walls offer a limitless number of options from which to choose.

Raised walls with columns add even more character to a custom pool design. When you hire a professional pool builder like Hopkins Custom Pools, they can offer design tips and ideas that maximize your backyard pool area.

Columns are ideal for installing other features and accessories, including the following:

Sheer Descents - Sheer descents create an exciting focal point and increase your custom pool design's visual appeal. Sheer drops make a clear arc of water, easily adjusted to suit the mood or environment, whether you prefer a silent, nearly glass-like sheet of water flow or a cascading mountain waterfall! Even better, they can be adjusted to fit perfectly on a raised wall or column.

Swimming Pool Scuppers - Scuppers are a great addition to pool columns for multiple reasons. Not only are they attractive, but they also keep the water in your pool circulating and provide relaxing white noise around your pool area.

Fire Bowls - Fire bowls are an eye-catching addition to any raised wall. These pool features add a warm and welcoming feel to your pool area. Running from propane, they glow when in use. Fire bowls and features are available in a variety of colors and designs.

Planters And Plant Bowls - Planters and plant bowls on raised wall columns are an excellent way to add greenery to your poolscape seamlessly.

Statuary - If you dream of creating a garden of the gods, concrete sculpture atop raised walls and pillars gets you a step closer to making this ambiance in your backyard.

Outdoor Lighting And Lamps - Adding lights and lamps to raised pool walls and columns is an excellent way to illuminate your pool area in the evening or at night.

Whatever design ideas you have in mind, the custom pool builders at Hopkins Custom Pools are happy to help you make it happen! Please call us at 972-771-1892 to discuss your pool building project today!

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