Monday, June 29, 2020

Commercial Demolition: The Costs

Are you renovating or repurposing a commercial property by demolishing old buildings? If so, it's worth knowing that the average cost to demolish a commercial building in the US is around 30K.

The easiest way to get a correct estimate on razing commercial buildings is by speaking with a technician from Lloyd Nabors Demolition. As a leading demolition company in Dallas, Texas, you can rely on us to handle your project with attention and care.

Factors that could impact the final cost of commercial demolition include:

Building Size - Generally, demolition companies charge most of their fees based on the square footage of the structure getting razed. If you're not confident of the building's square footage, use a tape or laser measure.

After taking the building's width and length measurements, multiply them to calculate your square footage.

Hazardous Materials - Not surprisingly, commercial buildings known to contain dangerous materials, including lead paint and asbestos, are more intensive to demolish, so this adds expense and costs.

Asbestos can potentially be present in floor tiles, cement sheet, millboards, steam pipes, and insulation.

Lead paint is another environmental hazard that must get disposed of properly when demolishing a building. Lead paint was a leading product used for residential and commercial properties until the products got banned in the US in 1978.

The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) offers guidelines to ensure the proper handling and removal of asbestos. The cost of removing asbestos can range, so asking for a written estimate to remove asbestos from an abatement professional is always smart.

Disposal Fees - When you raze a building, there will be a great deal of rubble to clear away. Properly disposing of building materials at the time of demolishing clears the path for the next step of the project to take place.

Technical Details - If you've never demolished a commercial building before, the chances are you have no idea how many details must be in place to ensure a safe razing. To avoid breaking the law, you must secure all applicable permits, licenses, alert utility providers, and neighbors. When you work with a professional demolition company, they help with planning and handling the needed details.

It's important to note that licenses, permits, and other fees can significantly impact the overall demolition cost. Some cities and states can charge upwards of 10K. Many demolition companies add these fees to the price of their demolition fees. However, to avoid confusion or misunderstandings, discussing this detail with the demolition company is strongly advised.

Professional Demolition Company In Dallas

If you need to bring down a commercial structure in Dallas, Texas, call the demolition experts at Lloyd Nabors Demolition. Our helpful staff is happy to provide a free, no-obligation estimate on our services.

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