Monday, September 23, 2019

Best Oil Change Intervals For Semi Trucks

Oil is a necessary fluid in engine mechanics. It's essential for keeping any vehicle running at optimal levels. This automotive fluid provides lubrication for engine parts, reducing friction that may lead to an overheated engine. By following the oil maintenance schedule with regular oil changes, vehicle owners can extend the life of their cars. More importantly, oil changes keep vehicles running smoothly on the road.

For truck drivers, long haul and short-haul runs can test the engine in both driving scenarios. Getting stuck in start-stop traffic and running idle stresses the performance of truck engines. Likewise, making a long-haul run driving at higher speeds can overextend the engine.


How Often Should Oil Be Changed In Trucks

While mileage recommendations can vary, generally the oil in semi-trucks should get changed every 25K miles. In recent years, advancements in technology, fuel quality, and filters have extended the life of oil changes. In some cases, today's trucks can go up to 50,000 miles between oil changes.

For best practices, refer to your owner's manual.

The way you use your semi-truck will play a role in how often you need to change the oil. Here are factors to consider:
  • Vehicle Age - Older trucks with high mileage will need oil changes more frequently than newer trucks.
  • Driving Habits - Trucks drove on non-paved roads, or steep inclines frequently cut fuel efficiency. More frequent oil changes could be needed.
  • Engine Condition - Idling puts stress on truck engines. If you drive primarily in cities, you should check your oil often.
  • Quality of Oil - All motor oil isn't created the same. To keep your truck running at best, choosing a high-quality motor oil is essential.


What Happens If I Miss An Oil Change?


If you miss an oil change or your oil gets too low, you'll experience engine issues with your truck.

To avoid this problem, scheduling and following a regular maintenance plan keeps your engine running smoothly. Further, regular maintenance can help to detect other issues early. If you have troubles, diesel truck repair gets you back on the road.

Oil changes are effective at clearing soot, debris, dirt, and hydrocarbons that have entered into the engine system. With these contaminants removed, you'll experience a boost in your truck's performance.


 Call The Diesel Truck Repair Experts In Dallas, Texas


If you need an oil change for your semi-truck in Dallas, Texas, call the pros at J&R Truck Service. Our team of truck repair technicians is standing by to help you with your truck maintenance, service, and repair needs. With several certifications in several mechanical areas, we can handle repairs of all sizes and types.

We provide free estimates for your semi-truck service needs.

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